MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger

Tell President Trump that Hungry Americans Should NOT be Pawns in Shutdown Fight

President Trump is holding our federal government hostage in his stubborn determination to build his border wall. No wall is more important than the lives of millions of Americans.

If the government shutdown continues, the result will be that literally millions of Americans will needlessly go hungry:
  • Native American individuals and families across Indian Country are already reporting loss of food deliveries and are facing devastating hardship and food shortages.
  • Nearly 40 million Americans who depend on SNAP to put food on the table are facing desperate circumstances because SNAP runs out of funding in February.
  • Government employees and contractors have been forced to turn to food pantries and apply for SNAP and this safety net is about to disappear.
The President needs to hear from you that this stalemate needs to end without further punishing innocent Americans.

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